Multiage FAQs

What is Multiage?

·       Multiage at Thrasher is a combined Kindergarten and First Grade class. This means the teachers are accountable for all of the Kindergarten standards and Kindergarten assessments for the Kindergartners and accountable for the First Grade standards and assessments for the first graders.

·       Multiage at Thrasher is its own grade level. This means that multiage has its own traditions, project-based learning units, and field trips – just as third grade is a grade level apart from second or fourth grades.

·       Multiage at Thrasher is simply a two-year grade level. This means it is not advanced Kindergarten and remedial First Grade, which is a common assumption. It is not Montessori. All classes at Thrasher operate from the same vision, mission, and philosophy.

How is Multiage different from Kindergarten?

·       There are two grade levels in one classroom.

·       Children are paired together for the year as a First-Grade Mentor and a Kindergarten Mentee.

How do I enroll my child in Multiage?

·       Multiage is not separate from the Thrasher program. This means there is no “application” or “enrolling”, just as there is no application for third grade.

·       Class rolls for multiage are created through the same process that we create class rolls for other grade levels.

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