Panther Parent Summer #7

Panther Parent Summer #7
Posted on 07/19/2020

Panther Parent Summer #7

Good afternoon Thrasher Families,

Everyone’s hungry for information. We are working to get info to you quickly and accurately. I know you’re getting a lot of communication from Hamilton County Schools and Thrasher – there’s just a lot to know right now. Here’s the next set of what we have to share.

Information and Updates Continued

  • Lunch and cafeteria – During Phases 2 and 3, lunch will be held in classrooms. Visitors will not be permitted for lunch. We will not be able to distribute birthday treats this year, either.

  • Recess – We will go outside for recess each day, weather permitting. Phase severity and ability to sanitize will determine if and how much playground equipment can be utilized. We will open up multiple areas for play (soccer and kickball, for example, are good COVID-era activities). Our nature trail and two outdoor classrooms are ready for use.
    • P.S. – One gutter on an outdoor classroom pavilion needs to be reattached. Are you handy and willing? Shoot me an email.

  • Related Arts – We are developing a plan now where each child will have the same related arts class for two weeks in a row. For example, your child might have music class for two weeks in a row and then PE class for two weeks in a row, etc. This will limit classes each related arts teacher sees from 28 to 6. This also means students will have much less possibility for contact through cross-contamination (nearly by a factor of 5!)

  • Buses and Car Line – We won’t have 5th Grade Safety Patrol this year. The car line and bus line will operate similarly to other years. We will be staggering how children come into the school. Also, children will go straight to classrooms instead of congregating in the cafeteria before class. Dismissal will also occur from the classroom, and we will not gather in the cafeteria at all.

  • Car Tags – These will be ever essential this year. We are looking at adding scanning features to car tags so that we can scan cars as they come in. The idea is that classrooms will be alerted in order of which students we need at the car line. Car line will possibly operate more slowly than in the past. Cars that do not have the car tag will be directed to the front of the school so that these drivers can go to the front office to dismiss children.

  • Clubs – We will not be having clubs this year. We may re-evaluate for 2nd semester, or we may just wait until the next school year.

  • SACC – We are still waiting on information from SACC. SACC will be open. We’re not sure how many spots they will have available.

  • Masks – Will be required for all children, staff, and visitors. HCDE has said that K-2 students may not be wearing masks all day – at least while in the classroom. 3-5 policy has not been finalized. At a minimum: all students will need a mask to enter and exit the building and while in transition in hallways.

  • Hallways – Hallways will be designated one-way. As much as possible, we will be assigning designated entrance and exits to various places.

  • Assembly and Panther Pride – Assemblies are an important part of Thrasher culture. We will continue these in an online manner. Students can watch from their location. Parents and friends can watch remotely. These will be recorded to be viewed on a private channel at your convenience.


Numbers Updates

  • 74 – the number of Kindergartners registered so far. This is a pretty healthy number for mid-July. We should be able to expect around 85 Kindergartners this year. (This is good news.)
  • 34 – the number of children taking the “@ Home” option so far.
  • 13 – the number of children going to home-school, private school, or virtual school so far.
  • 15 – the number of children coming to us from private school or moving in from out-of-zone schools (moving to 37377) so far.
  • 100 – the % of funds MEF is committed to giving Thrasher for personnel (Art, Computer/STEM, Extra Reading Support, Cafeteria) despite missing out on Dash ‘n’ Bash. THANK YOU, MEF and PARENTS!
  • 50 – the number of COVID-19 cases in 37377 today.
  • 3 – the Phase we’d be in if we opened today. (All “option 1” kids all day everyday – Social Distancing in place; masks a reality for at least parts of the day; cafeteria closed) – [Phase 2 is looking like a very real possibility if trends continue.]
  • 1,481 – the number of COVID-19 cases in Hamilton County today.
  • 1,840 – the number of COVID-19 cases in Hamilton County that will trigger a Phase 2 implementation.


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