Panther Parent Summer #8

Panther Parent #8
Posted on 08/04/2020

Panther Parent

Summer #8 – August 4th, 2020

Well, a bunch more information has come in right about the time our community has a bunch more questions.

You should be receiving a postcard from your child’s teacher today or tomorrow!


From the director of SACC:

A new site director for Thrasher’s SACC has been hired. Austin Horner will be serving the Thrasher families. He served as site director at Rivermont previously.

SACC registration will occur on campus Monday, August 10th 6-9 am and 4-7 pm. The SACC registration form will be posted later this week. Parents will be able to complete the form and print it off to bring to Thrasher at those times or they will be given one to complete on August 10th.


We will not be operating an on-campus registration event this year. All registration tasks can be completed online.

Currently, only half of our returning students have completed registration. If you are unsure, you can check to see if your child’s registration is complete by:

  1. Logging to PowerSchool –
  2. Click on “Returning Student Registration” PS Link
  3. If registration is complete, you will see a message that says so.
    PS Success
  4. If registration is not complete, you’ll see some form fields that need to be addressed.

All families need to submit 2 proofs of residency each year. You can submit those digitally here:

Updated Hybrid Schedule

The district announced a new hybrid schedule for the opening weeks of school.

On the first three days of school, Thrasher will operate a phase-in structure for all families.

  • August 12 – Group A attends school only. (Last name A-L)
  • August 13 – Group B attends school only. (Last name M-Z)
  • August 14 – Students taking Option 2 may schedule a time to visit the school and teacher to get oriented to online learning.

Then, schools will operate on an A/B schedule for the next two weeks of school – August 17 – August 28.
A/B Schedule

Dropping off School Supplies

If you would like to bring school supplies to Thrasher before school starts, please put all supplies into one box or bag. Label the box/bag clearly with the student’s name and teacher. Bring the supplies to Thrasher on August 10th or 11th between the hours of 8am and 3pm.

Water Bottles

Water fountains are shut off at this time. We are talking with PTA about getting touchless water bottle filling stations installed. Until those are ready, we recommend that each child bring 3 water bottles to school each day.


We are waiting on an order of Chromebooks to be delivered. This order will help us get closer to a 1:1 student-to-device ratio. As you can imagine with every school in America ordering devices at the same time, the order fulfillment will be delayed, even though the order was placed last spring. We hope to have these devices in our hands by mid-September.

When it comes to the learning days that will happen at home, if you can manage with your household devices until the shipment comes in, it will help us greatly. We’ll be sending out a form to you in the near future so that you can indicate what you need from us and what you can get by with until devices arrive.

Some folks have asked about the requirements necessary for a device to complete schoolwork at home. Any basic chromebook, laptop, or notebook will do well. It will be good to have a front-facing camera, at least 4GB of RAM, and at least 128GB of memory. I doubt you could find a computer today that had lower qualifications than these. Most of the applications students will be using are web-based (not installed software.)

Things You Can Do Before School Starts

Be sure to check the “Things You Can Do Before School Starts” list on our website:


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