Welcome to the Crew!

Congratulations on joining our excellent school! We are thrilled you've joined the Thrasher team. As with any thriving organization, there is a lot learn. You will have a faculty mentor and a department or team that will certainly take good care of you, and you can get on your feet quickly with the information in this "course". 

You can navigate through this onboarding "course" using the menu on this page or the "breadcrumb" links at the top of each page. For example, by clicking on "Onboarding" in the breadcrumbs above, you'll come to this page again.

This is what breadcrumbs looks like. Click on "Onboarding" at top of each page to return to this page.

You can pause and resume your onboarding at anytime and even complete it out of order. 

The lessons are divided into two parts: independent study and mentor-driven lessons (we don't want to overwhelm you more than necessary at this point, and some things are just easier to learn side-by-side). 

Independent Study

There are some things we want you to know before you start working -- or as soon as possible. These lessons will equip you to participate in the school culture and engage in some basic responsibilities.

Table of Contents

These links will help you jump through the content when you re-visit this page. For now, scroll to the end of this page and click "Continue".

  1. Who Does What - Meet the team
  2. Thrasher Culture - mission/vision, discipline model, professional learning community, project-based learning & Thrasher's Century Skills
  3. Responsibilities - Faculty/Staff Handbook, spending money, communications/newsletters, basics of Response to Intervention tiers
  4. Software Overview - Thrasher website, ClassLink, Outlook (mail and calendar), PowerSchool

Lessons with a Mentor

These occur throughout the school year.

  1. Community Connections - PTA, MEF, social media

  2. Campus Tour - grade levels and related arts locations, eLab, nurse's station, bookkeeper's office, assistant principal's office, outdoor classrooms, Thrasher Learning Trail, lunch and assembly procedures, hallway expectations (4S line), duty stations

  3. Responsibilities - attendance, timecard, log money, purchase orders, teacher absences (sub folder, entering absence, etc.), Panther Pride, learning targets, parent/teacher conference tips

  4. Software - Canvas, T-Eval, Employee Online, Employee Self-Service, Zoom, etc.


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