Lesson 1 - Who Does What

Lesson 1: Who Does What

Learning Target: New team members will know who to contact for various needs and how to contact them.


  • Meet the team - Who Does What - One Pager
  • Assignment: Check out the Thrasher Directory. https://thrasher.hcde.org > click on "directory". 
  • Assignment: Send a bio and a headshot to the secretary for the website directory.
    • We need a short bio from you for the website directory. We want to keep it as "evergreen" as possible -- meaning, don't write things like "been teaching for 19 years" which would have to be updated next year.
    • It should be written in 3rd person and have these three sections:
      • Your higher education.
      • Your professional experiences.
      • Something personal you don’t mind sharing – hobbies, pets, family, etc. 
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