Panther Parent #01

Panther Parent #01
Posted on 08/05/2018
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Panther Parent

01: Welcome Back!

August 5, 2018


Dear Thrasher Families,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year! It’s going to be great! We hope to see you at your child’s orientation night. Some basic back-to-school info is below.

Orientation Nights

·       Aug. 7th             5:00pm - New Parent Orientation & Multi-Age Orientation

·       Aug. 7th             6:00pm – Kindergarten

·       Aug. 8th             First Day of School for 1st Grade – 5th Grade

·       Aug. 8th             Kindergarten Phase-In Begins

·       Aug. 13th           5:00pm – 2nd Grade Orientation

·       Aug. 14th           5:00pm – 1st Grade Orientation

·       Aug. 14th           6:00pm – 5th Grade Orientation

·       Aug. 15th           Kindergarten begins full time

·       Aug. 16th           5:00pm – 4th Grade Orientation

·       Aug. 16th           6:00pm – 3rd Grade Orientation

School Supplies

If you didn’t pick up School Supply Kits on Registration Day, they have been delivered to the grade level hallways. If you have school supplies at home, they can come to school on the first day of classes.


Please remember that the bus routes on paper rarely match the bus routes in reality. During the first three weeks of school, buses can run late or early depending on how many people ride and all kinds of variables (i.e., a middle-schooler falling asleep on the bus, etc.) Usually by the Labor Day the buses are settled in their routes. It is a good idea to be at the bus stops early for a the month of August.

Lunch Pin Numbers

Your student might have a new pin number for lunch. Teachers will give those to students on the first day of school.

First Day of School

Car Line

Remember that our car line only travels one direction. Approach the school so that you turn right into “Hulgan Way” and continue to the back of the school. There are no left turns into Thrasher during arrival and dismissal time. When leaving the school, turn right again. This is for the safety of walkers, bike riders, and car riders. No cars should come in the front drive during arrival or dismissal. The front drive is reserved for buses and those needing assistance.

When parking at the front of the school, parking spaces on James Blvd. are “Back In Only”. That way, you are moving forward when you reenter James Blvd. This is for the safety of everyone.


Doors open at 7:45 in the morning. All students go straight to the cafeteria to congregate with their class. At 8:00, students are dismissed to the classrooms. All children should be in class no later than 8:05 (which is five minutes earlier than last year).


Dismissal begins at 3:05. During dismissal time, the car line operates the same as in the morning arrival time. No cars should come in the front drive during arrival or dismissal. The front drive is reserved for buses and those needing assistance.

Parents in Halls

On the first days of schools, parents often help carry items down the halls, and that is just fine. We will invite all parents to come back to the front of the school before 8:10. Starting Monday, we ask parents drop off the children in the front lobby or in the car line (or via bus) instead of progressing to the cafeteria.

Thank You

Thank you for working with us through a very new online registration process. We really appreciate everyone helping us enroll 561 children this month!




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