Panther Parent #03

Panther Parent #03
Posted on 08/11/2018

Panther Parent

03: Here We Go!

August 12, 2018

Dear Thrasher Families,

A young fella hop-bounced off the bus on Wednesday and exclaimed, “I’ve been waiting for this day all summer!” His smile sure made my day! While we aim to work hard and play hard this year, we aim to keep that smile on his face all year.

Orientation Nights

·       Aug. 13               5:00pm – 2nd Grade Orientation

·       Aug. 14               Emergency Drill

·       Aug. 14               5:00pm – 1st Grade Orientation

·       Aug. 14               6:00pm – 5th Grade Orientation

·       Aug. 15               Kindergarten begins full time

·       Aug. 16               5:00pm – 4th Grade Orientation

·       Aug. 16               6:00pm – 3rd Grade Orientation

·       Aug. 17               Panther Pride Assembly (8:20am)

Heidi Mies

Heidi Mies has been our STEM teacher for many, many years. We’ve asked her to teach 3rd grade this year because of our enrollment numbers in 3rd grade. It came down to two choices:

·       Ask a Kindergarten teacher to teach third grade. This would make Kindergarten classes full at around 23 kids per class.

·       Ask Mrs. Mies to teach 3rd Grade. Mrs. Mies taught 3rd grade at Thrasher for 9 years.

There is an extremely slim chance we might win another teaching position, but that possibility won’t exist until after the 10th day of school. Even if we did gain another teaching position, we do not want to shuffle kids into new classes after the year has started. If we make decisions based on what is best for students, we had to ask Mrs. Mies to teach 3rd grade. This provides stability.

Answers to FAQs:

·       We do still have STEM education. We have been incorporating STEM into all classrooms over the past several years. One way we have been accomplishing this is through the project-based learning (PBL) you’ve seen at Thrasher.

·       Thrasher provides innovative STEM and PBL instruction. Our intention next year is to have a STEM lab again because we do value what it can provide for our Thrasher Panthers – teachers and students.

·       If, perchance, we do gain another teacher this year, we will put our resources into promoting STEM support.

Heads-Up About Wednesday

All Kindergartners will be here Wednesday. This means the car line will be slow in the morning and in the afternoon Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It’ll start getting better by Monday. You may want to give yourself an extra five minutes or so. This also means the buses may get behind schedule on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Car Line

You all did a great job with the car line today, and it’ll get even better.

·       Soon, the afternoon car line will run smoothly enough to be complete by 3:20.

·       From Signal Mountain Police: “Do not use the subdivisions near Thrasher to turn around and join the car rider line.”

o   We realize car rider lines are not convenient for each family. Ours is designed for the safety of children that walk and ride in cars.

o   Please take the extra moments required to enter the car line at the north end of James Blvd. (near the "W" Road).

·       All children should enter and exit vehicles through the passenger side of the vehicle.

·       As much as possible, remain in the car while your child enters/exits vehicle. (Do not get out to help children with doors unless there is a dire need.) The sooner the children become independent with this, the sooner the car line will move smooth-as-butter. If your child needs assistance in the car line, you can park at the side of the school and meet your child at the front doors.


Please remember that the bus routes on paper rarely match the bus routes in reality. During the first three weeks of school, buses can run late or early depending on how many people ride and all kinds of variables. Usually by the Labor Day the buses are settled in their routes. It is a good idea to be at the bus stops early for the month of August.


For Monday

·       #1 – Santa Fe Mac & Cheese

·       #2 – Corndogs

Also, I’ve added a new menu link on our website under the “Parents” tab.

Lunch Visits

We ask that you refrain from joining your children at lunch for the first two weeks of school unless you are volunteering to help in the cafeteria. Birthday treats can be dropped off or you can serve the treats at lunch time. Please wait two weeks before sitting down and eating lunch with a child.

Emergency Drills

We have four kinds of emergency drills that we conduct each month: Fire, Tornado, Lockdown, and Code Blue. For a fire drill, we evacuate. For a tornado drill, we assume a safety position away from windows and upper-story floors. For lockdown, we lock the room, shut of the lights, and hide away from doors and windows. Code Blue is our reference for finding an unresponsive person in the building. Teachers keep students in current locations and a response protocol is initiated by adults.

Morning Arrival

·       We aim to have children in class and ready to learn by 8:05.

·       Let us know how we can support you if needed.

Thank You

We whole-heartedly thank parents who helped us with building projects this summer!

·       The Laramore and Ingham families painted the rocking chairs on the front porch.

·       The Inghams, Stones, and Hamptons painted the nurse’s station and all its furniture.

·       Mrs. Pitcaithly removed tape and residue from windows and doors.

·       Mrs. Karimian has done a lot of grounds and exterior work, especially with bushes.

·       The Paulson family cut up and hauled off the rotted picnic tables out back.

If you count up all the hours these folks volunteered and multiply it by a fair hourly rate, this list would cost approximately $3,400 in labor. And, the school is looking good!

 Laramores and Inghams Paint Thrasher's Rocking Chairs


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