Panther Parent #04

Panther Parent #04
Posted on 08/18/2018
Senator Bo Watson discusses American politics with 5th graders at Thrasher.

Panther Parent

04: Getting Back Home

August 19, 2018

Dear Thrasher Families,

Senator Bo Watson showed up Friday to present us with an American Flag and a State Flag that were each flown over the state capitol on July 12th. Then, he had a hankerin’ for school pizza and joined a table of 5th graders. After introductions, his first question was: “What did you learn today?” Then, the kids started talking about Dred Scott, and Sen. Watson said, “Oh, yeah, Dred Scott was the fellow who got Abe Lincoln back into politics.” This sparked an invigorating conversation about American politics in the 1800s.

Remember the Date

·       Aug. 22               Emergency Drill #2

·       Aug. 24               Panther Pride Assembly

Who Can Dismiss My Child from School?

1.       Parents listed on the registration form may dismiss children from school. If someone listed on the registration form is not allowed to dismiss a child due to a court order, we need to have a copy of the court order on file before we can comply with such a request.

2.       If you permit others to dismiss your children, we need to have a record of this in the office. From now on, that record will be on a form called “Dismissal Permissions”.

How to Permit Other People to Dismiss Your Children

A form called “Dismissal Permissions” will come home Monday. We ask each family to fill this out and sent it back Tuesday.

Here’s why: some families gave dismissal permissions online. Some families said that three dismissal options are not enough. Some families gave dismissal permissions in the office. Some families gave dismissal permissions at orientation nights. (Before online registration, this never occurred!) To be sure we have accurate dismissal information in one place, we ask each family to fill out the Dismissal Permissions form and sent it back right away. This will be the form we reference when dismissing a child.

Visiting Thrasher

The online visitor sign-in is up and running. All parents and guests visiting Thrasher will need a driver’s license to sign in.

Early Dismissal

We noted some miscommunications during orientation nights. For clarification:

1.       We never want to change a child’s way home in the middle of the day via phone or email. Parents need to come in and deliver a written change of way home. If parents have an emergency and cannot deliver a note, they must clear it with Mrs. Moore or Mr. Paulson. This is to prevent people who should not be dismissing children from cheating the system.

2.       We heavily discourage the dismissal of any child between 2:30 and 3:00 for any reason.

Menu Clarifications

Monday 8/20/18

·       #1 – Pizza

·       #2 – Chicken Taco


Thursday 8/23/18

·       #1 – BBQ Pork Sliders

·       #2 – Chicken Drumsticks

Thank You

Thank you for coming out to the orientation nights. Not too many schools have as many parents involved as Thrasher does. Thrasher is a great school because we have great parents and great teachers.



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