Panther Parent #08

Panther Parent #08
Posted on 09/16/2018
Homecoming Parade 2018

Panther Parent

08: Homecoming

Sept. 16, 2018

Dear Thrasher Families,

3rd Grade went on a field trip Friday, September 14th. We received many, many sincere and unsolicited compliments about how knowledgeable and polite our students are. We are so proud!

Remember the Date

·       Sept. 17             Coupon Book Turn-In Date

·       Sept. 19             Coupon Book Turn-In Date

·       Sept. 20             Kindergarten Field Trip to CDM

·       Sept. 20             6PM - Homecoming Parade

·       Sept. 21             Coupon Book Turn-In Date; Coupon Book Sale ends

·       Sept. 21             Panther Pride Assembly

Looking Ahead…

·       Sept. 26             Picture Day!

·       Sept. 29             MEF’s Celebration for Education

·       Oct. 2                 Walk to School Day

·       Oct. 6                 The first Saturday of Fall Break

·       Oct. 15               Monday – No Students Yet!

·       Oct. 16               Tuesday – Students Return

Coupon Books

I personally want to thank each of you for helping us sell these coupon books. Thrasher keeps $7 of every book sold, which is a really good deal in fundraising world. We intend to use the anticipated $21,000 on technology and the 17-acre outdoor classroom.

Walk to School Day

For many of you, every day is Walk to School Day. However, on Oct. 2nd, Thrasher is participating in a National Walk to School event. For those whose homes are not in an easily walkable distance from Thrasher, we will meet and walk together with a police escort (either from the town hall or the library – details will follow). It’s always a lot of fun!


The Great State of Tennessee is paying special attention to school attendance. Schools are held accountable for student attendance throughout the year. The Reward School status Thrasher has enjoyed for so many years is due in part to strong student attendance. Recently, there have been updates in Tennessee’s attendance law and (consequently) Hamilton County School policy.

Listed below is a summary of the procedures we have been given (italics indicates direct quotation):

·       After three unexcused absences, a call should be made by the school to the home with a message conveying the importance of attendance and advising families that continued unexcused absences will result in a more progressive truancy intervention plan.

·       After five unexcused absences -- Tier 1:  School board policy mandates that a five-day letter is to be distributed by a school administrator or designee.

·       Tier 2:  With continued unexcused absences, the family will receive a legal notice indicating that the student is in violation of the State Compulsory Attendance Law.  A required meeting will be held with the School Social Worker/Truancy Officer for a needs assessment.

·       Tier 3:   If unexcused absences persist, a Community Attendance Review Board (CARB) will be set up and the family may go before this CARB.  This meeting will include all parties involved in the prior intervention strategies and additional service providers such as, mental health,  school nurse, Juvenile Court representative, DCS, etc. 

·       Only after all the above Tiers have not corrected the attendance issues and unexcused absences continue will the student be referred to Juvenile Court. 

Keep in mind that this is a mandated policy both by the State Charter and the HCDE School Board.   We are hopeful that this multi-layered approach will result in better attendance rates for our school district. 

Tennessee’s goal is that no student miss more than 10% of a school year. That is, no student should miss more than 18 days per year, which is about 4.5 days per quarter. Currently, 3% of Thrasher students miss more than 10% of a school year.

Thank You

Thank you for coming to Open House! It was a sweet and special evening with you all!


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