Panther Parent #21

Panther Parent #21
Posted on 01/13/2019


21: A Great Community

January 13, 2019

Bright Spot

Last Monday, we had three buses stuck in a traffic jam on the front of the mountain. Due to an amazing front office staff and a caring community, we got every child home safely. That’s always a good thing.

Congratulations to our Spelling Bee finalists!

Remember the Date

It’s a quiet week!

                     Jan. 17 – Kindergarten Town Panel

                     Jan. 18 - Panther Pride

Looking Ahead…

                     Jan. 21 – MLK Jr. Day – No School

                     Jan. 31 – Kindergarten Town Tea

Unexpected Dismissal Events

This is the time of year for inclement weather to cause school to dismiss early or buses to get stuck. On Monday, three of our buses had difficulty getting to school. After we got all children home safely, we re-evaluated and revised our Unexpected Dismissal procedures.

Here’s what you need to know:

1.    Safety is Priority 1. We will not accept changes-in-way-home over the phone. This is our standard practice, but we relaxed this during unexpected dismissals in the past. We have created a protocol to get children home safely in any event, and it honors the safety procedures we have in place on a daily basis. In these events, our communication to you will give instructions on how to modify a child’s way home. For safety reasons, teachers should not permit a change in a child’s way home; those requests need to go through the front office.

2.    Be patient – accurate communication may take a few moments. We will work to gain accurate information before we send out communications to the community. This may mean that communication from Thrasher will be slightly delayed to increase accuracy.

3.    Make sure we can contact you. During unexpected dismissal events, the phone lines at Thrasher can become overwhelmed. During these situations, you will receive a text and an email from us with instructions for the day. If you currently do not receive our emails/texts, please contact the office to rectify this before an emergency situation arises.

4.    If your children ride the bus, please make a note of their bus number. We will not be able to look up individual bus numbers in an unexpected dismissal event. You can look it up here if you need to:


Thank you for a strong attendance record this past semester! As you know, schools are now held accountable by the state for student and teacher attendance. Last year, our school’s absences increased. Right now, we’re on track for a strong decrease in student absences. Thank you for valuing the education your children receive at Thrasher!


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