Panther Parent #30

Panther Parent #30
Posted on 04/07/2019
Caroline Fore's Art


30: Dance & Learn

April 7, 2019

Check out this week’s art by Carolina Fore!

Thank you to supporters of the Mountain Education Foundation who make Art class possible!

Remember the Date

·       Apr. 9 – Kindergarten Field Trip to Nature Center

·       Apr. 10 – Emergency Drill

·       Apr. 12 – Panther Pride Assembly, Dash ‘n’ Bash Announcement at Assembly

·       Apr. 12 – Volunteer Luncheon (11am – 1pm)

·       Apr. 12 – Dance Party (Fundraiser Incentive) – See below

Looking Ahead

·       Apr. 15 – SM Library – Free Program – Abraham Lincoln presenter (6:30PM)

·       Apr. 15 – TCAP Begins – Grades 3-5

·       Apr. 19 – No School and No SACC at Thrasher (see below)

·       Apr. 23 – Earth Night

·       Apr. 26 – Dash ‘n’ Bash (6PM) – Get your tickets here!

·       May 3, 10, and 17 – Afternoon Assembly Experiment (See below)

·       May 9 – Bike to School Day – Start at Library, 7:20am. More info soon.

SACC on April 19

School is closed on April 19, and so is School-Age Child Care. However, the following sites are open for SACC on April 19:

·       Apison Elementary

·       Harrison Elementary

·       Battle Academy

·       Middle Valley Elementary

·       Big Ridge Elementary

·       Red Bank Elementary

·       East Ridge Elementary


2019-2020 Info

School Supply Kits

The last day to purchase a fully prepared School Supply Kit for the 2019-2020 school year is April 19. Visit WWW.SHOPTTKITS.COM and use school code: 12391.

If you have a rising Kindergartner, you can also purchase a School Supply Kit at this time. Even if your rising Kindergarten child might be in a multiage classroom, the Kindergarten kit is the appropriate kit to purchase.

Registering for 2019-2020

·       Today (Sunday, April 7) is the last day to pre-register for next year’s Kindergarten. After today, new Kindergartners will have access to registration again in July. Registration is online here:

·       Returning students will register for next year beginning May 6th.

·       All students new to Hamilton County will be able to register in July.


Dash ‘n’ Bash – Be Involved!

Dash ‘n’ Bash is April 26th at 6PM! You know what a fantastic and fun community event this is! If you haven’t been before, Dash ‘n’ Bash is basically a big party with an optional race/run at the beginning. You should come! You can:

·       Have fun: Tickets and information are found here:

·        Volunteer:

·       Do both! Volunteers aren’t committed to the whole night. If you’re coming to have fun, you could also volunteer for an hour during the evening. Or, you can help set up earlier in the day, and then celebrate all night!

Thrasher is well-represented in Volunteer Locations at the Dash ‘n’ Bash! Many of our teachers will be helping to set up, manning booths, or helping with the Dash. If you’re thinking of volunteering, the sign-up link is here:

Dance Party

PTA asked Mrs. Moore and me if we would stand on the roof each time we met a goal in the Busy Parent Fundraiser, and we did. Well, we met the main goal, so the kids have earned a dance party, which we’ll have on Friday, April 12th!  

·       Grades 3 – 5 from 1:20 until 1:50.

·       Grades K – 2 from 2:00 until 2:30.

Safety Improvements

Driver’s License Needed to Enter the Building

In ever-increasing efforts to strengthen safety at Thrasher, we will require all visitors to show a driver’s license at the door camera before we unlock the door. As it is now, it is difficult for the front office personnel to see who is at the door. Presenting a license will help visitors stand in front of the camera and allow us to verify who we are allowing in the building.

Car Tags for 2019-2020

We will be providing and requiring car tags to be present for car line pick-up next school year as well.

TCAP Information

TCAP begins Monday, April 15th for grades 3-5. The State of TN is providing paper-and-pencil tests. We know children can become nervous about TCAP, and we work as a school to minimize this. You can remind children of these ideas, too:

·       TCAP is a way for Thrasher to see what we’ve learned and what we’re ready to learn next.

·       As with everything you do, do your best! It’s an opportunity to show how much you’ve grown and learned this year.

·       Be calm and enjoy these days. The work is easier since it’s mostly review, and there will be lots of snacks!

We usually begin testing by 8:30 in the morning. Once the test is started, we can’t interrupt the testing session. This means, students that come after 8:30 will take the test in the afternoon.


·       Monday, April 15: Writing

·       Tuesday, April 16: English/Language Arts

·       Wednesday, April 17: English/Language Arts

·       Monday, April 22: Math (without calculators)

·       Tuesday, April 23: Math (with calculators)

·       Wednesday, April 24: Math (with calculators)

·       Thursday, April 25: Science

Eagle’s Nest Track Meet Refunds

If you signed up for the Eagle’s Nest Invitational and could not attend because you were in a 3rd or 4th grade extended field trip, you can get a refund on the $20 you paid for the meet itself. Email Dustin Carpenter at and he’ll take care of you.  If you purchased a shirt, let him know to send that to Thrasher, and we’ll send it home with your child.

Afternoon Assembly Experiment: May 2019

We are considering Afternoon Assemblies for the next school year. Morning is prime learning time, and we would like to use the assemblies as a happy way to start a weekend for children.

So, in May of this year, we will move our assemblies to the afternoon so that we can work out any bugs before next school year.

To make this work, parents who come for Panther Pride will park their cars in the car-rider line. This will open up 27 parking spaces for assemblies, which might help you and save our grass next year. More information will come from your teachers and me soon.


The State of Tennessee and Hamilton County Schools have had a strong focus on improved attendance this year. Thrasher has very strong attendance data, and this year it’s even stronger. Thank you for how you support learning at Thrasher every day. You send your children to us after a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast. You work hard to get everyone here on time, and you show how much you value an education at Thrasher by making sure children are here every day and ready to learn. Thank you!


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