Panther Parent Week 01

Panther Parent Week 01
Posted on 08/10/2019
Emma's Poster for the Teachers

Panther Parent

Week 1 – August 11, 2019

Thank you for coming out to orientation nights. We are grateful that these are well-attended! Your involvement with Thrasher plus high-quality teachers will keep Thrasher a top-drawer school.

Remember the Date

·       Aug. 12 – Fire Drill

·       Aug. 12 – 5:30PM - 2nd Grade Orientation

·       Aug. 13 – 5:00PM - 1st Grade Orientation

·       Aug. 13 – 6:00PM - 5th Grade Orientation

·       Aug. 14 – First Day for All Kindergarteners

·       Aug. 15 – 5:00PM - 3rd Grade Orientation

·       Aug. 16 – 8:40AM - Panther Pride Assembly

·       Aug. 24 – Saturday – Cowpie Bingo, Family Kickball – You won’t want to miss this!


It usually takes about 2 weeks for the bus routes to shift from theory to reality. You’ll notice that the time your bus arrives will vary a little for the next few days. Soon, it will settle into a predictable routine.

If you need bus stop solutions during this time, talk with your bus driver first if possible. A second option is to contact the transportation department.

Please Note: Wednesday is the first day all Kindergarteners attend at once. The buses might run a little slower than Tuesday because of this.

Car Line

The car line gets smoother every day! Wednesday is the first day all Kindergarteners attend at once. This means Car Line will be noticeably slower Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Then, it’ll get better again.

Supporting Thrasher

Soon, we’ll talk about other things besides the support on which Thrasher depends! If supporting Thrasher is still on your to-do list, here’s an easy list:

·       The $20 Art, Science, and Tech donation – Instead of the $65 school fees, we are collecting a $20 donation dedicated to art supplies, science materials, and classroom technology. This is an optional payment that we hope you’ll consider. If you opt in, you can send the money to your classroom teacher or donate online:

·       Join PTA, Order Sportswear – You sign up for PTA here: and pre-order sportswear here:  – We are aiming for 100% participation in PTA. The school directory app is a super-cool feature as well!

Thank You!

Thank you all so much for making the first days of school smooth and happy! | 423.886.0882 |


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