Panther Parent Week 03

Panther Parent Week 03
Posted on 08/25/2019
CityGreen Services Spreads Mulch on Thrasher's Playground

Panther Parent

Week 3 – August 25, 2019

A huge “Thank You” to Chad Sikes and CityGreen Services for spreading mulch for us this week! Thank you, too, to all the parents who were willing to come on Saturday and truck the mulch by hand!
CityGreen Services Speads Mulch for Thrasher CityGreen Services Speads Mulch for Thrasher

Remember the Date

  • Aug. 27 – Tornado Drill
  • Aug. 27 – Coupon Book Turn-In Day
  • Aug. 30 – Coupon Book Turn-In Day
  • Aug. 30 – 8:40am - Panther Pride
  • Sept. 2 – No School – Labor Day
  • Sept. 4 – HCDE’s ½ Day for Students


Getting 566 children to and from school each day is the biggest safety challenge of any school. At assembly last week, we had students review two safety tips each for walkers, car riders, and bus riders.

  • If your children walk to school, please remind them to be cautious at crosswalks and mindful on sidewalks. Stop and look both ways!
  • If your children ride the bus, please remind them to stay in their seat and listen to the driver.
  • If your children ride in a car, please remind them to buckle up and thank their driver. (Surely, thanked drivers are safer drivers, right?)

If you’re a driver, please remember that nearly 100 of our children walk or ride bikes to and from school each day. Be extra watchful at crosswalks. Even children walking along a sidewalk may do something surprising. Our most traveled crosswalks are at Cauthen Way, Lancaster, and Danbury. However, we do have children crossing James Blvd. by Albert Rd. and Miles Rd., too.

Info for ½ Day

On September 4th, Hamilton County Schools will have a ½ day for students. Teachers will be engaged in professional development and planning.

  • Buses will run.
  • Lunch will not be served.
  • Our ½ day will end at 11:55.
  • School-Aged Child Care will be open.

Coupon Books on Sale Now!

We sent information about coupon books home with children Friday. Check backpacks or communication folders. Thrasher is committed to selling $3,000 books. We keep $7 per book, so we hope to raise $21,000 to put towards technology, professional development of teachers, and hands-on materials for really cool instruction.

Free Discovery Subscription

Thanks to a corporate partner CVS and Discovery Education, all elementary schools (teachers, students, and families) now have access to an incredible resource, Discovery Education Experience. It is available for the 2019-20 School Year at no cost (total value approx. $100,000). To access, go to and use your same single sign on. Please see the Official Press Release for more information. Additionally, below are a few DE resources to support you with getting started:

Healthier Diets at School

Thrasher is such a great school and a special place, and we’re always striving to make it better. A local physician and Thrasher parent sent me a letter to share with you, which you can find in a separate article here on our site. The main idea is to consider healthier – and even non-edible – options when bringing in birthday treats. This really is a good idea.

  1. It’s the best option health-wise.
  2. We have many, many children with food-related concerns (allergens, medical needs, etc.) who are excluded from these mini-celebrations.

Dr. Bozzone gives some alternate ideas: consider celebrating birthdays with non-distracting, inexpensive gifts (like pencils, temporary tattoos, stickers, crayons, etc).  Or, encourage healthier whole plant foods that emphasize the colors of the rainbow, like mandarin oranges, fun fruit salad, or whole fruit sweetened (not refined sugar) muffins or “cookies”. 

Look for the follow-up email and Dr. Bozzone’s letter. Thank you!

FYI - Unexpected Dismissal Protocol

If school is dismissed unexpectedly in the middle of the day, we will initiate a protocol for operating smoothly. Here are the basics for right now:

  • We will set the phone’s auto attendant to play a special message for parents. This message let’s parents know that more info will come soon and that we cannot make changes in the way home over the phone.
  • We will set up the lobby to be a Reception Response Area.
  • We will communicate the details of the dismissal and pertinent information to teachers first so that they can prepare their classrooms and children as needed.
  • An email and phone call will go out to parents with further details

Be sure you’ve filled out the paper form regarding who can dismiss your child. If you haven’t done this yet, stop by the office sometime soon. Thank you!


All the best,

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