Panther Parent Week 11

Panther Parent Week 11
Posted on 10/20/2019
Audrey Culler's Tiny Art

Panther Parent

Week 11 – October 20, 2019

Hello Thrasher Parents!

This week's art comes from the Tiny Art Show. Artist: Audrey Culler. Thank you for supporting Thrasher through the MEF so that we can have art instruction for every child every week.

Remember the Date

  • Oct. 22 – Fire Drill
  • Oct. 23 – First Grade/MA Field Trip
  • Oct. 23 – Cross Country Party @ 2:45.
  • Oct. 24 – 6PM - Monster Mash (will be cancelled if rain)
  • Oct. 25 – 8:40am - Panther Pride Assembly
  • Oct. 25 – Last Day for Sportswear Sales -
  • Oct. 25 – (Friday Night) MEF’s Celebration for Education

    Planning Ahead


  • Oct. 31 – Costume Parade and Fall Celebrations
  • Nov. 4-8 – Book Fair – Sign up to volunteer here:
  • Nov. 6 – Grandparents’ Day
  • Nov. 13 – ½ Day for Students, Full Day for Teachers

Costume Parade and Fall Celebrations

The costume parade is an old Thrasher tradition. The kids work hard at Thrasher, and it’s important to celebrate traditions and have fun.

On October 31, kids and teachers can wear costumes to school. We will have our annual costume parade at 1:45 and classroom celebrations at 2:00.

Here are the rules for costumes:

  • Masks can be put on for the parade, but they will not be worn during the school day.
  • Remember that the child will be participating in a regular school day for the first five hours – including schoolwork, using the restroom, and going to lunch. (Teachers cannot help children out of complex costumes to use the restroom.)
  • Any part of the costume that might be taken off or put on during the school day should be easily managed by the child.
  • Face paint is OK.
  • No guns (in this day and age)
  • Costumes at a Kindergarten-through-fifth grade school should be on the side of child-like and appropriate. If you have questions about a certain costume, please check before sending your child to school in it.

Thank You

Thank you all for using the car tags and making this a smooth transition for Thrasher.

All the best,

Jeff Paulson | 423.886.0882 |


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