Panther Parent Week 15

Panther Parent Week 15
Posted on 11/17/2019
Kindergarten Enjoys Autumn

Panther Parent

Week 15 – November 17, 2019

Hello Thrasher Parents!

Remember the Date

  • Nov. 19 – Fire Drill
  • Nov. 21 – 6:00PM - Our 1st Parent Seminar – Topic: Reducing Anxiety (You’re welcome to join us)
  • Nov. 22 – 8:40am - Panther Pride Assembly
  • Nov. 22 – 3rd Grade Field Trip to TN AQ

Planning Ahead

  • Nov. 27 – Thanksgiving Break
  • Nov. 28 – Thanksgiving Break
  • Nov. 29 – Thanksgiving Break

Thrasher on News Channel 3

David Carroll ran a story about Friday’s assembly, the banner presentation, and Paul Baker’s project. Here it is:

Free Money

Will you help us with this? Here are two super-easy ways to generate a few thousand dollars for Thrasher:

That’s it. Thank you!

Blinkers in the Car Line

We’ve learned it may be helpful to for parents coming through the car line to use a turn signal when entering the property. There’s always two or three people who are not coming to Thrasher that get caught in our line. Cars with turn signals on will make it easier for you when you’re exiting to know if that next car is turning in or trying to go straight through.

All the best,

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