Panther Parent Week #2

Panther Parent Week #2
Posted on 08/23/2020

Panther Parent

Week #2 – August 23, 2020


Good morning Thrasher Families,

We are going to provide a start-of-day routine for students at school and students at home. Our morning announcements will be posted on our website. The idea is that you can use a morning announcement to formally and routinely start the learning day.

The announcements will be posted by 4:00am each day so that you can start the learning day at your convenience. These video posts will have relevance to students on campus as well as those at home. Hopefully, it will serve to keep another connection between home and school.

You can find the YouTube playlist of Announcements at under the “Parents” tab. Watching the announcements is completely optional; you do not have to watch them.


Dates to Remember

  • Monday, August 24 – Group A
  • Tuesday, August 25 – Group A, Fire Drill
  • Wednesday, August 26 – All students learning at home (morning announcements will still run)
  • Thursday, August 27 – Group B, Fire Drill, First day of the new car line
  • Friday, August 28 – Group B, Panther Pride Assembly Online


Panther Pride Assembly

Since we are not meeting in large groups, our Panther Pride assembly will be online. It will be posted on our website by Friday morning. This week, we will be celebrating the Young Southern Writers winners from last spring, Mrs. Newton will be reading a story, and we’ll end it with the Friday song. You can access the online assembly at under the “Parents” tab.


Car Line App

We are excited to announce our new Car Line app.
You can see a demo of it here:

You will get an email very soon with instructions for signing up for the Car Line.

We need 100% of parents to log in and verify their student’s default way home.

You will be able to use this app to give permissions to family and friends to pick up your child. Soon, you will use the app to be able to change your child’s way home, but first we will get the car line running smoothly. Be looking for an email from School Dismissal Manager, which will have the links and login information you need. Our first day to use it will be Thursday with Group B so that we can work out any issues before the next week comes.


Tech Help

If you need help with the new technology, this chart is helpful:


HCS Pledge

Hamilton County Schools is asking all employees and families to sign the HCS Pledge.


Foundation Laid, Instruction to Build

Nearly everyone is able to sign in and get communications from us. While there will still be paper packets in some grade levels, some grade levels will start using the tech platforms more in teaching and learning this week. Now, we’re ready to start picking up speed with our teaching and learning. We don’t want you stressed out or falling behind. Let us know if you are not able to a log into the educational platforms that we have this year.


Birthday Books

From Librarian Pam Johnston:

Dear Thrasher Families,


Please see this link for a form about Birthday Books . The Library will still be doing this fundraiser and special treat for our Thrasher students.  I have a Wish List already started by some of my students for books to order! The excitement many of the students have for reading a series always makes my heart happy. If you can fill out the form at the beginning of the year itis great, but we take the forms closer to a student's Birthday month too. Ordering and processing books will be slower this year.


Please let me know if you have any questions. 


Happy Reading and thanks so much for supporting the Thrasher Library.


Mrs. Johnston - 


We look forward to a good week with our students.

Jeff Paulson
Principal, Thrasher Elementary School

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