Safety Measures

Safety Measures
Posted on 08/12/2021

As we have been monitoring data in Hamilton County, we have re-established some of our protocols for reducing the spread of COVID in our building. Last year, we were fortunate in having very few cases at Thrasher, and for each case, we had very few of those that resulted in person-person transmission. We credit this success with the very high cooperation we had between school and homes and the protocols we had in place to reduce the amount of contact people have with each other in the building. 

  • Masks – Masks are required for employees. Masks are required for students beginning Monday, August 16. Questions can be directed to the school office.
  • First Day - Parents and guests will be allowed as far as the lobby. Exception: Kindergarten parents will be allowed to walk children to the classroom door during phase-in only. We ask that all parents stay no longer than 5 minutes.
  • Lunch and cafeteria – We will start lunch in classrooms only. We believe we will start cafeteria rotations at 50% capacity after the first ten days of school -- similar to last semester. We will use a socially-distanced line with 3’ spaces.
  • Recess – We will go outside for recess each day, weather permitting. 
  • Seating Charts - Teachers will establish seating charts and send a copy to the office.
  • Related Arts – On the first day of related arts, teachers will help create a seating chart that mimics the homeroom class. The goal is to reduce the amount of mingling children do with each other while inside the building. We are returning to daily related art rotations (instead of week-long rotations).
  • Buses and Car Line – We won’t have 5th Grade Safety Patrol this year. The car line and bus line will operate similarly to other years. We will be staggering how children come into the school. Also, children will go straight to classrooms instead of congregating in the cafeteria before class. Dismissal will also occur from the classroom, and we will not gather in the cafeteria at all.
  • Clubs – Clubs are on pause for the first semester. We start them as soon as we believe it is safe to do so.
  • SACC – We are still waiting on information from SACC. SACC will be open.
  • Assembly and Panther Pride – Assemblies are an important part of Thrasher culture. We will continue these in an online manner.
  • Water fountains – Water fountains are turned off; students need to bring a water bottle that can be filled at the contactless filling stations.
  • Routines – handwashing and hand sanitizer will be part of the daily routines. When a child leaves a desk area that will be occupied by another child, the student will wipe down their desk and chair with a disinfecting wipe. Students will use hand sanitizer when touching door knobs. Hand washing after restroom use is required.
  • Social Distance – We will maintain three feet of distance in halls. Where floor tiles exist, people should be able to count four floor tiles between themselves and the person in front of them.
  • Visitors – Visitors will be required to wear masks and will not be permitted to work where children are present.
  • Orientation/Open House – We are switching to virtual orientation events. While we will attempt to keep a controlled environment in the building during the school day, we cannot mitigate how hundreds of people interact in the building during these events.
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