What is the PTA and how does it impact Thrasher and my child?

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA ) is a coalition of parents and teachers working together to support Thrasher’s mission to develop children with active and creative minds, compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. The PTA coordinates and funds the following items and activities, among others:

  • Teacher Appreciation and professional development, to make sure Thrasher attracts and retains the best teachers for our children.
  • Classroom Enrichment
  • Rated arts supplies (library, music, computer, art, physical education, STEM).
  • Special school-wide events, such as Monster Mash and Earth Night.
  • Student activities and clubs
  • Grounds-keeping and beautification

How does Thrasher PTA raise funds to pay for the activities and items supported by the PTA?

The PTA receives funding from the following sources:

  • PTA membership dues and donations for teacher appreciation
  • Directory Spot-This is the Thrasher directory, contained in a convenient app that can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets.
  • Sales of Thrasher sportswear, bumper stickers/magnets, etc.
  • A portion of the proceeds from the sales of School Kidz Supply Kits (available to order in the spring for the following school year)
  • School Cashback Programs- Boxtops, AmazonSmile, Publix and Food City rewards cards. They really add up!
  • A portion of the proceeds from orders of school photos
  • Funds from the Mountain Education Fund (MEF)
  • Fundraisers throughout the year

How can I get involved?

VolunteerThe PTA holds monthly meetings, and we are always eager for new members and new volunteers. You can do as much or as little as your schedule allows- opportunities exist during the day at the school, as well as at home after work. Remember, every minute you volunteer and every dime you donate directly impact the faculty and students of Thrasher and help make Thrasher one of the top elementary school in the state!

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