For Parents

Thrasher is successful for many reasons. We have and retain the best teachers. We are set in a supportive community.

And we have you.

We have parents that support their children's education at a high level. You have high expectations for your children. You expect your children to do their best work in class, to be respectful and represent your family, and to be kind. When your children need help with homework and advice about friends, you are there. You provide the kind of one-on-one coaching for your children that is difficult to provide in a school setting, and your children (our students!) benefit from it greatly.

Our doors are open to you. We need your involvement to continue the success we have at Thrasher. In additionto being your child's best advocate, we hope you will be involved in other ways:

  • say "yes" when asked to volunteer at the school
  • say "yes" when the PTA asks for volunteers
  • say "yes" when the Mountain Education Foundation seeks your help in supporting the mountain schools

Thank you!

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